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We adults tend to tell our children that all the toys are slow enough now. Haven't each of us ever thought that the population of stuffed animals was big enough? There is often an army of cuddly toys lying around in the cot, so you have to be afraid that your own child will no longer fit in. But secretly removing an animal is not possible. If only one in 20 cuddly toys is missing, your child - when they are old enough - will notice and complain bitterly to you. Children are sensitive there. If you have something close to your heart, and stuffed animals are definitely part of it, then it stays there. When you order plush toys from Kanela, you can ensure that children will always have joy and gratitude - just look at the soft toys. Aren't they extremely cute?

Buy plush toys and make children's eyes sparkle

But a cute plush toy is not only a great gift for your own children, but also for nieces and nephews, friends 'children or neighbors' children. Our plush toys from Warmies and Aromalife make children's hearts beat faster. Click through our range and just imagine how happy you can make a child with a soft toy. You just have to take the friendly-looking animals to your heart. For your order, you will receive plush toys of the best quality, which of course are of extremely high quality. All soft toys are nice and soft and warm and have a pleasant smell of lavender or similar herbs.