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Buy FFP3 masks from Kanela

Do you work in a hospital, in a doctor's office, in food production or in an occupation in which you come into contact with potentially dangerous liquids or substances? Or do you want to protect yourself from dangerous diseases in public - diseases like COVID-19, for example, because you either belong to a risk group yourself or you often interact with people who belong to a risk group? In these cases you are well advised to equip yourself with an FFP3 mask. There is no better protection against spores, bacteria, viruses and aerosols. And that with a really good feeling when wearing, the wearing comfort is high, even if you have to keep the mask on for a long time (e.g. when traveling by train or similar). When you buy FFP3 masks at Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, we offer you a fine selection of this mouth and nose protection (MNS).

Buy FFP3 masks with or without valve

So you protect other people and yourself because the filtering of the particles takes effect both when you exhale and when you inhale. You decide for yourself whether you buy an FFP3 mask with or without a valve; if there is a valve, the exhaled air is better discharged, which prevents a possible build-up of heat under the mask. The filter performance of the masks that you will find in our range is 99 percent. A nose clip and the attached elastic bands ensure that the masks fit perfectly and thus guarantee additional protection. You can get more information about the FFP3 masks in our offer by clicking on the desired image.