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Buy tanning oil from Kanela

Some things just have to be done quickly - we humans are impatient on principle. Even when it is actually about relaxation, at least in a broader sense. Because a tan on the skin only comes about when we take the time to bask in the sun, and then relaxation, for example in the swimming pool or on vacation, comes on by itself at some point. But: If you want to get a tan faster, you can also use aids. After all, what is tanning oil for? This enables you to achieve a beautiful skin tan in an unimaginably short period of time - so when things have to be done quickly. If you buy suntan oil from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you will have a sun-kissed complexion - and that with all protection.

Tanning oil should always contain a protection factor

When using, you should always make sure that you distribute the tanning oil well on the skin. If that is not the case, then there are stains in which the color deviates more or less clearly from the surrounding skin. An absolute must for tanning oil: It must always contain a protective factor, otherwise you could suffer from bad sunburn. All tanning oils that you can buy in our online shop are of course equipped with sun protection factors. We have oils from well-known manufacturers such as Garnier, Nivea and Ultrasun in our range. Note that the tanning oils are designed for different skin types. We recommend reading the accompanying text before purchasing; just click on the corresponding product image.