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Man has adorned himself and his body since ancient times. Tattoos, for example, were made more than 5,000 years ago, as mummy discoveries from Egypt and Europe - for example at Ötzi - have shown. Traditional piercings are not quite as old, but ear holes, for example, can be traced back to 1,550 BC. The tradition of painting or painting the nails on feet or hands is not quite as old. After all, it was women in ancient China who started fashion. In modern times, nail polish became popular in the 20s of the 20th century and quickly spread to almost the whole world. When you buy nail polish from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you have a great selection of different colors and tones from well-known manufacturers.

Order nail polish and feel good

In our assortment we chose colors that are not so flashy. You won't find bright yellow or neon green nail polishes here. But if you value a wide range of shades of red, pink, violet, purple, white, blue or beige to choose from, you will definitely find it in our shop. Or do you want to make your nails shine without color? In this case we recommend the product with a lasting gloss. You can either apply this tincture directly to the nail or to another nail polish. If you think that your nail polish may be a little too thick, you can use the paint thinner to counteract this and ideally thin the paint with just two drops.