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Is there anything better than feeling the warming rays of the sun on your bare skin? Especially when a long period of cool weather with lots of clouds has come to an end? Surely not much comes to mind spontaneously. But as great as the feeling is: You have to be extremely careful, because even small doses of UV radiation are not exactly good for the skin. Even the delicate spring sun becomes an insidious source of warmth. Our skin simply ages faster and is damaged if it is exposed to high UV radiation over a long period of time. The best skin protection is of course to be in the shade, but that is not always possible. If you buy sun cream SPF 50+ at Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you protect your skin almost as well as if you go into the shade.

Sun cream with the highest sun protection factor

The sensitive areas of the body are the face, chest or décolleté, arms, legs and shoulders. These are those parts of the body that are often most likely to face the blazing sun and which are quickly at risk of sunburn - from a skin health point of view something like a total loss. Sun cream SPF 50+ is suitable for all users, this sun protection factor is even a must for children and people with slightly more sensitive skin. In our range you will find creams, lotions, fluids, sprays, oils and sun lotions for daily use. There are also some preparations especially for children. Compare the articles by clicking on the corresponding product image, a new page opens with detailed information.