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To be strong and fit, sport is the best prerequisite. But sporting activity alone is often not enough - the right nutrition is also part of it. In the field of sports and fitness nutrition, there are a lot of offers that promise you that you can perform better, gain more endurance and build more mass. In reality, however, these promises are by no means always kept. Ordering supplements from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, is fundamentally different. Because we only have products in our range that you can really trust and that have a lasting effect.

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Of course, it is important to ensure that the dosage is correct - you should always follow the instructions for taking it. For example, anyone who consumes too much zinc overdoses himself with a heavy metal. But supposedly harmless substances such as proteins can also cause damage if you take too much of them. An excess of proteins literally goes to the kidneys. However, with the correct dosage of the nutritional supplements from our range, you can of course safely consume those substances that are supposed to balance your diet. If the stress caused by sport is very high, then you will not be able to consume the necessary amounts of minerals and proteins with normal food. Exactly for this there are exactly those supplements that you can find in our online shop. And now have fun and success with your training!