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Buy soap at Kanela 

We usually wash our hands at least ten times a day. Before eating, after staying in the toilet, coming home and washing your hair, bathing and showering anyway. Yes, even in the last three activities mentioned, the hands come into contact with soap-like substances that nourish and smell good. For simple hand washing, however, you need a good hand soap, and you can find it here. When you buy soap from Kanela, you can choose between solid soap and liquid soap. In the assortment you will find a nice selection with different scents.

Order soap from Kanela and protect your skin

All soaps in our range are extremely skin-friendly because they contain substances that care for the skin and protect the skin from drying out. If, for example, you run out of shower gel, you can use our soaps for some time without hesitation. As bar soap, we have soaps from well-known manufacturers in our range, such as Klorane, Aromalife or Nivea. Whether Swiss pine soap with Edelweiss extracts, cream care soap, soap with lavender, fig leaf or cupuaçu flower fragrance: with these exclusive bar soaps, not only hands and other parts of the body get really clean, they also smell good. Also try our liquid soaps, which also come from well-known manufacturers such as Palmolive or Dettol. Fragrances of milk and honey, blue lotus and aloe vera exude a noble note and not only make your hands clean, but also tender and smooth. Incidentally, the skin becomes clean with soap, because the sodium and potassium salts form surfactants that remove bacteria and dirt from the skin.