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Condoms are probably the means of contraception that people have used for the longest. A few hundred years ago, however, condoms were not at all safe because they were made from woven material. In the course of time, their effectiveness has been improved. Condoms are not only used for contraception, but of course also for protection against sexually transmitted diseases. These include hepatitis B and syphilis, which of course were much more common in earlier centuries than they are today. Nevertheless, the condom remains the most widely used means of contraception worldwide. And there are good reasons for that. At least since Charles Goodyear vulcanized rubber in the middle of the 19th century, making rubber resistant to water, cold, heat and breakage, condoms had become reliable products. This does not mean that they offer one hundred percent protection against the transmission of sex diseases or pregnancy.

Condoms in different designs

In the Kanela online shop you will find condoms of various types. If you don't know exactly what you or your partner like, then you should try it out and order several variants. Nowadays, all manufacturers make sure that the condoms are as sensitive as possible and cannot tear during sexual intercourse. All the contraceptives that you can buy here in the online shop have been scientifically tested in terms of safety and tear resistance and found to be good. Enjoy togetherness with your partner with Kanela condoms! The brands Durex and Ceylor are particularly popular in our online pharmacy.