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Order Lashes from Kanela 

In the field of cosmetics, the term lashes means artificial eyelashes. Beautiful, long eyelashes are every woman's wish, as they stand for sensuality and at the same time make you seductive. But not every woman is lucky enough to be provided with long and thick eyelashes - artificial eyelashes can be a real alternative to professional eyelash thickening, which costs a medium to high double-digit amount of money. If you order lashes from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you can choose between different models that differ in hair length, shape and attachment technique.

Buy lashes and make others beautiful eyes

All artificial eyelashes have one thing in common: they are easy to attach and remove. Namely, they are reusable. For the two Artdeco models, apply eyelash glue to the tape provided and let the glue dry a little. Then you can attach the artificial eyelashes to your own lash line by pressing them down a little. If you want to remove the Artdeco eyelashes again, you just have to pull them. The Magnetic Lashes from Ardell, which are made from real hair, can be attached and removed just as easily - but not with eyelash glue, but with a specially developed magnet technology. Of course, the magnets are not visible. No matter which model you choose, you will enjoy thicker eyelashes. Make yourself and others beautiful eyes! Even the famous look of the eyes becomes very seductive with the lashes from our range.