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Order products against hay fever at Kanela - your Swiss online pharmacy

Hay fever is widespread in the population. It is an allergic reaction to natural pollen, which is primarily plant pollen. Allergy sufferers react from spring onwards, when precisely those plants that trigger a reaction in them are in flower. These can be, for example, birch, alder, hazelnut, some herbs, various types of cereals and, in early summer, especially grasses and sweet grasses. In the worst case, allergic reactions last from February until Oct ober. If there are only a few pollen in the air, carried by the wind, this is often enough to trigger hay fever. If you order products against hay fever from your Swiss online pharmacy, you can at least relieve the symptoms. These are usually sneezing, runny noses, swollen mucous membranes and itchy and red eyes - all highly unpleasant when the outside temperatures are also high. S obhen your mucous membrane comes into contact with the pollen, so-called mediators and histamines are released, which then trigger the allergic reaction.

Buy preparations against hay fever and enjoy the day without complaints

In our assortment you will find nasal spray, eye drops, throat spray, tablets, balm and other products with which you can curb the allergy and enjoy the day without major discomfort. You are not alone in the condition - it is estimated that almost a quarter of all adults, as well as one in seven children, are affected by hay fever. Order your allergy remedy right now and get fast relief from the worst symptoms!