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Buy protein ready-made shakes at Kanela

Without proteins, i.e. proteins, life is not possible in principle - it is not for nothing that one speaks of the building blocks of life. You have certainly heard this phrase before. And we also have to consume proteins constantly, especially when we do sports. Then up to 1.5, sometimes even 1.8 grams of protein intake are required per kilogram of body weight. And the body cannot make many of these proteins itself, which means that we have to take them through food supplements. When you buy ready-made protein shakes from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you not only cover your protein needs, but also consume the required amount in the form of shakes. Delicious shakes, you should say that!

Buy ready-made protein shakes and choose from the manufacturer and brand

In our assortment you will find a nice selection of different shakes from different manufacturers. In terms of taste, the choice is even greater - you can choose between banana, vanilla, pear, chocolate, strawberry, caramel, mango, capuccino and barley. Which of course does not mean that you cannot test two or more flavors at the same time! If you train hard, for example to build new muscles, then the external supply of proteins is essential. Because muscles get their nutrients directly from proteins. So, if possible, you should continue to eat a normal diet if you want to build muscle mass and take in the additional protein requirements through our tasty protein ready-made shakes. Because protein shakes are definitely the most convenient and easiest way to actually cover your daily protein needs.