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The fact that vitamins are healthy and keep our complex organism running is nothing new. Without these little helpers, it becomes difficult for our body to control the complex processes that are going on inside us. What not everyone knows: Vitamins - and other nutrients - are also very valuable for the bones and cartilage, not only if you suffer from osteoporosis. With increasing age in particular, it becomes more and more important to ensure a sufficient supply of vitamins. In general, but especially for the vitamins D, B6 and B12, C, K and folic acid, which are particularly valuable for cartilage and bones. When you buy vitamins for bones and cartilage from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you can easily cover your daily requirement for the nutrients mentioned.

Vitamins for the bones & cartilage - pay attention to them

Do you always eat a balanced diet and are you taking in all the vitamins you need in sufficient form? That probably depends on the external circumstances. Those who are under stress and have little time often fail to get all the nutrients they need. In old age, the organism often fails to utilize all the vitamins and nutrients from food. So it is advisable to help out with the powders, capsules, tablets and concentrates that you can buy in our shop. Your bones and cartilages are particularly happy. You can get more information about the products by clicking on the corresponding picture.