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Diseases are not only transmitted by directly infecting other people. Of course: If you sit next to someone with a cold on the bus for a certain period of time, you have a higher risk of infection than others. But viruses and germs also make it effortlessly into the human organism if, for example, they adhere to surfaces. When we touch these surfaces, we come into contact with the pathogens, and it is only a matter of time before they - usually via the mucous membranes - get into our body, where they can then spread quickly and attack the cells. That is why prevention is a sensible thing, and not only in the cold seasons. If you buy surface disinfectants from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, then you have effective preparations that you can use in all areas of life.

Surface disinfectant helps against the transmission of diseases

So it is not only in the medical field, i.e. in hospitals and medical practices, urgently recommended to clean the surfaces with surface disinfectants. Even in care, whether at home or on an outpatient basis, one should not do without the disinfection of surfaces. The same applies to public buildings such as administrations, schools and kindergartens. And the use of surface disinfectants is just as urgently advisable in the food processing and food industry as it is in veterinary medicine. The term “surface” means a lot, from work surfaces and floors to keyboards and door handles to hospital beds, couches and treatment chairs. You can read more detailed information and instructions for use by simply clicking on the desired image.