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Not only, but especially in the cooler seasons, we are not only troubled by runny noses, but also usually an irritated throat: coughing. This stimulus is already extremely annoying during the day, but at night when you are actually looking for relaxation in sleep, the cough is almost unbearable. The throat gets drier from clearing your throat, the urge to cough gets stronger and stronger - and no improvement in sight. Apart from that, sleep is finally over by now at the latest. Remedial action is urgently needed, and not just with a sip of water. No, you have to fight dry coughs effectively and with herbal remedies, and you will find a nice selection of high-quality and tasty cough syrups in our range. If you buy cough syrup from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you will receive tried and tested means so that the urge to cough does not become a permanent issue.

Cough syrup soothes the cough in a mild way

That the cough is relieved is of course to be expected from a good cough syrup. The preparations that you can buy here in our shop are primarily plant-based ingredients that have a mild effect on your respiratory tract. So the stimulus is gently suppressed. It is just as important, however, that the cough syrup that you can find in our range provides a lasting solution to the cough. The ingredients form a natural layer of mucus that lays over rough areas in the throat and thus defeats the stimulus. If you would like to find out more about the individual products, simply click on the desired image and read the product description.