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As a parent, you will know your baby inside out after a short time. They know exactly how to distinguish which cry means hunger and which sound should indicate that something is stirring in the baby's intestines, when the child is tired or just wants to be cuddled. However, there are a few things that may surprise you. Did you know, for example, that all babies in their first year breathe in and out solely through their nose? With this background knowledge, it is easier to explain if increased nasal mucus is causing your child's nose to clog. After all, babies can't blow their own nose. When you buy nasal cleansers from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, the excess mucus is removed from baby's nose.

Babies simply breathe better with a nasal cleaner

Because only if you suck off the mucus regularly can your baby breathe better again, but also eat better. Before you start using it, it is helpful to instill nasal drops suitable for babies into the toddler's two nostrils, because the existing, often tough nasal mucus is thereby loosened and can be sucked off more easily. How to use the respective nasal cleanser exactly can be found in the package insert. The nasal cleansers can be cleaned very easily by taking them apart (it's very easy, reassembling is easy too) and leaching with hot soapy water. You should sterilize the nose piece before each use. You can get more information about the individual articles by clicking on the relevant product.