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The lipstick has a much deeper meaning than just the body painting that it represents to the outside. Sure, a certain color of the day wardrobe also requires the right lipstick for that day, but basically you should adapt the wardrobe to the lipstick and not the other way around. Because on the one hand you should put on exactly the color that you like - after all, the lipstick stands for femininity like hardly any other body jewelry. On the other hand, it is also a bit a question of skin type which lip color suits you best. But more on that later. If you order lipstick from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you will get great cosmetics from the manufacturers Tom Ford, Artdeco and La Roche Posay.

Buy great lipstick and confidently go around the world

The right lipstick will help you feel strong and get through the day with confidence. But back to the skin type. It is said that warmer skin types, whose complexion is rather dark, go best with lipsticks that glow in cheerful orange and red tones (also glossy like copper or gold), while cooler, lighter skin can be better combined with lipsticks that towards purple, violet or wild berries. However, it is entirely permissible if you include your personal preference - or the color of your clothes - in the considerations as to which lipstick you want to put on. And how exactly do you find out your skin type? Just looking is not enough. A look at the vein on the inside of the wrist provides a reliable result. If it shimmers green, you are a warm skin type, if it looks blue, then your skin type is cool.