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What actually makes an all-purpose cleaner? Well, the name says it all: With a product of this type, you can easily clean all areas in the apartment or house! That is the big difference to the special items - with a toilet cleaner, for example, you cannot clean the surfaces in the kitchen. From a hygienic point of view, this would be conceivable, but you don't necessarily want to have the scent of a freshly cleaned toilet in the kitchen. However, it works the other way around. You can safely clean both the kitchen and the bathroom with the all-purpose cleaner. But also the desk, the floor and other surfaces. When you buy all-purpose cleaners from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you are well equipped for all living areas.

All-purpose cleaners clean all imaginable surfaces

If you look at our range, you can see that we have put together a selection of well-known brands: Ajax, Sanytol, Dettol, Dr. Beckmann, Hans Raab, Ha-Ra Family, Ecover, Method and Held can be found in our range. This also includes products for which a tiny amount is enough to clean large areas. Most items can also be used, for example, to clean windows and clean dirty dishes. Since not every all-purpose cleaner has the same range of functions, we would recommend reading the detailed information on the products carefully. Simply click on the relevant picture and read the information text. In addition to the all-purpose cleaners, the range also includes cleaning stone, cleaning cloths, odor eliminators, cleaning paste and disinfectants.