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The number varies, of course, from baby to baby and from toddler to toddler. But it can be assumed that there are at least 5,000 diapers that a young person on earth needs before he - or she - is dry. In the first few months of life there are up to ten diapers a day, then the number slowly decreases. Parents quickly develop a certain routine, because if the baby is not changed after the diaper is full, the baby's skin in the genital area is damaged. But one thing is clear: the supply of diapers must never run out. It is better to have one pack too many in stock rather than one pack too few. You can buy diapers right here in your Swiss online drugstore. The diapers in our range are all characterized by an excellent fit, of course you will find diapers in different sizes. To support you, you will also find nappy liners that cannot tear, can withstand the strongest kicking, are already soft, are hygienic and generally protect the delicate skin of the baby's bottom.

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The disposable diaper as we know it today has not been around that long. It was not until the 1960s that the trend from America reached Europe. Until then, cloth diapers - yes, they already existed - had to be hand washed over and over again. Tempi passati. Today swaddling is a relatively simple affair. Order your supply of diapers right here and now at Kanela!