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Buy hand disinfection products from Kanela

Those who take cleanliness seriously cannot avoid thorough hand disinfection. You can keep fungi and bacteria at bay in this way - and viruses of all kinds, for example the coronavirus, are either killed or at least deactivated by hand disinfectants. The fact is that our hands are the biggest carriers of all kinds of germs, but also of flu viruses. The polite way of our species to shake hands with other people when greeting or saying goodbye is no longer necessary, especially in the cooler seasons - namely when various diseases are making the rounds anyway. When you buy hand disinfection products from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you protect yourself and those around you from dangerous diseases of all kinds.

Hand disinfection is more than just a precautionary measure

Disinfecting your hands certainly also serves as a preventive measure, but the disinfectants that you can find in our range are particularly effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi. All products that can be ordered from our online offer are used in hospitals and medical practices in Switzerland and throughout Europe. It is very easy to use - take a sufficiently large amount of the liquid in your hands and clean your hands until they are no longer damp. To further reduce the risk of infection, it is advisable that you also wash your hands properly - as often as possible. You should use paper towels or hot air dryers, if available, to dry off. Cloth handkerchiefs are not advisable.