cleaning tablets for dentures

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Buy cleaning tablets for dentures from Kanela

Dentures - and thus also the dental prosthesis - must be cleaned and cared for just as thoroughly as natural teeth. This means that there is no avoiding daily brushing of your teeth in the morning and evening and ideally also after meals. But dentures in particular still require special treatment that you should give them every two to three days: cleaning with special tablets. Because there are areas in the prosthesis that the normal toothbrush or the prosthetic brush cannot reach, which is why you should definitely use cleaning tablets for dentures. These contain harmless chemical substances that loosen particles adhering to your dentures, for example normal leftover food. If you buy cleaning tablets for dentures from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, then this is the right choice to be able to keep your dentures permanently.

Cleaning tablets for dentures are absolutely necessary

Because the proper cleaning of this denture is absolutely essential. The effervescence triggered by the tablets kills germs and bacteria and reduces odors. As a rule, discoloration is also reduced by cleaning tablets for dentures. Added essential oils give the prosthesis a fresh scent and ensure a good peppermint taste for the wearer. The dosage is simple, usually you just use one tablet per glass of water and store the prosthesis in it overnight. With many cleaning tablets, however, it is sufficient if you only insert the prosthesis for 30 minutes, perhaps at home after dinner. You will find further details in the text accompanying our cleaning tablets, simply click on the corresponding product image.