medicinal mushrooms

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There is hardly a kitchen anywhere in the world that does without ingredients that are completely natural and that are generally not particularly difficult to grow. We are talking about mushrooms. But mushrooms not only often round off a meal, refine the taste or even represent the main ingredient - mushrooms are of particular importance in Far Eastern use. And that's the health aspect. In the Far East, the kitchen, i.e. the nutrition , and medicine have learned more and more from each other and complement each other. When you buy mushrooms from Kanela, it's not so much about the edible mushroom as it is about the medicinal mushroom. Even if most of the products on this page are made from edible mushrooms.

Order medicinal mushrooms and benefit from the positive effect

But why is a mushroom, which is already healthy per se, ground into a fine powder and then consumed as a capsule or with an infusion? The reason is simple - the finer the powder is ground, the better the human body can absorb and utilize the ingredients. Each mushroom contains amino acids, natural minerals, but also trace elements and Vitamins. Fine grinding makes these substances really valuable for the body. The combination of powder and extracts in our products makes these ingredients ideal for our organism. Depending on the type of mushroom, take one to four capsules with a larger amount of liquid up to three times a day and benefit from the great effects of our medicinal mushrooms.