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Buy replacement brush heads at Kanela

It is common knowledge that you should change your toothbrush regularly. It is commonly said that a change should be made every three months. It is therefore advisable to keep a replacement brush - or, better still, several replacement brushes - in the bathroom cabinet at home at all times. But why should the toothbrush be changed so often? Well, on the one hand, the bristles of the brush become soft quickly, and then you can no longer use them to reach the spaces between the teeth. At the same time, you can no longer thoroughly remove the plaque. And last but not least, more and more germs stick to the bristles over time. In this context, it is also important to know that you have to replace your toothbrush immediately if you have been sick - even if it was just a cold. If you buy replacement brush heads at Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you will always have bristles ready for replacement for your electric toothbrush.

Replacement brush heads for regular replacement

Because the need to change does not only apply to manual toothbrushes, but of course also to your electric brush. Upgrade your supplies by buying replacement brush heads in our online shop. All products contain two or more spare brushes so that you are well equipped for a longer period of time. Our range includes replacement brush heads from the brands Curaprox, Smilepen, Oral-B, Philips, Trisa and Waterpik. The electric toothbrushes from these manufacturers are of different designs. As a result, replacement brush heads from one brand are not compatible with an electric brush from another brand. Accordingly, when buying, you have to pay attention to which model the brush head is suitable for. You can read this by clicking on the corresponding product image.