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In the first few weeks of their lives babies don't even need that much - affection, security, peace and love are the most important ingredients to guarantee little people the perfect start in life. However, a baby is hungry and thirsty soon after birth, and of course you also need diapers to cope with the consequences of drinking. But back to food intake, which, in addition to sleep and physical closeness to mom (and also to dad), is the most important basic need of every newborn. Ideally, the mother's breast is of course the first port of call when it comes to food intake. If you buy bottles from Kanela at Kanela, you can ensure that your baby learns to drink from a bottle at an early age.

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As important as breast milk is, it can also be nice for an infant when it works early enough to drink from the bottle. And that makes the parents proud in any case. If you express milk and keep it cold, you can fill the pots with it, otherwise just use baby milk, which you can also find in our range. In addition to the bottles themselves (for girls, for boys and in the unisex version) you will also find a selection of replacement teats in sizes 1, 2, 3 and X on this page Serve a large assortment of teas if you want something other than milk.