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When it comes to disinfection, it is never just the hands that we pay attention to and that we have to disinfect on a regular basis. Surface disinfection also plays a crucial role if we want to avoid infecting ourselves and others with dangerous fungi, germs and viruses. Because all of these pathogens manage to survive on surfaces for a few months. However, surface disinfection agents are not always agents for surface disinfection. The items in our range differ not only in terms of their type (wipes, foam, liquids), but also in terms of their concentration, the class of active ingredients and other factors. If you buy surface disinfection products from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you should read the details carefully by clicking on the respective picture.

Surface disinfection is necessary in many places

Whether in the hospital, at the doctor, in care (domestic and outpatient), in public buildings such as schools, kindergartens or offices as well as in kitchens, at the vet, in public toilets or in the food industry, surface disinfection is extremely important. Surfaces of all kinds such as door handles, storage areas, chairs, tables, treatment tables, but also hospital beds, floors and other surfaces should be disinfected again and again in these industries. It is usually not enough to simply spray the surfaces. If you use sprays from our range, you should wipe with a cloth - ideally a disinfectant wipe. When mopping floors, you should make sure that no germs are spread. In order to disinfect your hands at the same time, we would like to recommend that you buy hand disinfection products from us.