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Choosing a piercing is a decision that goes far beyond the day. Anyone who has spoken out in favor of a piercing has probably long thought about the exact nature of the body jewelry and where it should be placed on the body. And you have certainly also found out what else you can do to make it easier for your body to get used to the new piercing. This is possible - for example, if you buy products for the piercings from Kanela - your Swiss online pharmacy.

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Whether you choose a skin piercing or a tongue piercing: In our range you will find products with which you can ideally protect the skin and the oral cavity and ensure that wound healing progresses well after piercing is pierced. Take, for example, the mouth spray for piercing care from ProntoLind, which performs an antibacterial deep cleansing and so cares for oral piercing. Without sugar or alcohol, it also ensures a fresh taste. The mouthwash solution, which also comes from ProntoLind, was also developed for tongue piercings. This solution also helps wound healing and prevents bacterial problems. For skin piercings, we recommend the Piercing Care Spray, which is applied to the pierced area of ​​the body without any pain. Let it take effect for a short time - done. The solution protects antibacterially and supports and accelerates the healing process. The spray cannot trigger allergic reactions either. Phenol or alcohol are also not included.