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Buy toothpaste from Kanela

There are few personal hygiene products in which we humans develop such a personal preference as with toothpaste. We consume about five tubes of toothpaste per year in Central Europeans, and there is a large selection - of course, this also applies to our range. It is important that each toothpaste contains fluoride, which is equivalent to protection against tooth decay. Fluoride gives minerals to the teeth and their surface. The minerals in turn protect the teeth from those acids that we consume through drinks and food. When you buy toothpaste from Kanela, you get the best possible caries protection delivered to your door.

Order toothpaste - taste is also important

Fluoride also has an antibacterial effect, which means that in addition to the preventive factor, plaque and inflammation are also inhibited. In our offer you will find toothpaste from the most famous manufacturers, for example Colgate, Elmex and Signal. Some varieties are also suitable for whiter teeth. Other products emphasize the fresher breath or the extra sensitivity that protects the teeth and gums. And other toothpastes promise particularly efficient protection of the interdental spaces. Many parents know from personal experience: Sometimes it is a little difficult to get your child off to regular brushing of teeth or to create an understanding of the need. With our selection of children's toothpaste, however, even the little ones are more willing to brush their teeth in the morning and in the evening. The children's toothpaste tastes particularly good and the child-friendly designs on the tubes make you want to experience the dental care adventure!