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Buy vitamins for the brain at Kanela

When we think of vitamins, we usually have fruits and vegetables in mind, fresh foods that are full of the most valuable vitamins and that make us healthy and strong and our organs. And this notion is by no means wrong. But the brain is out of line here. No matter how many bananas, oranges or peppers we can eat, it does not help our thinking organ much. From an evolutionary point of view, the human brain - in a somewhat abbreviated form - only developed into what it is today when our ancestors began to fry and eat meat. If you buy vitamins for the brain at Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you can reduce your meat consumption.

Vitamins for the brain: your concentration will thank you

Anyone who lives or wants to live vegan or vegetarian is missing meat as a supplier of vitamin B12, which is necessary for concentration and is contained in beef as well as white meat and milk. Whole grain products also contain vitamin B12. In this case, balanced would mean: you should eat little beef, little white meat, a lot of dairy products and a lot of whole grain foods to ensure your supply of vitamin B12. However, because this balance is always difficult to maintain, you can fall back on the vitamins for the brain that you can find in our range. Our preparations are not only rich in B12, but also contain vitamins B6, niacin and folic acid, which are also important for the brain and the ability to concentrate. You can get details about the products by clicking on the corresponding picture.