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Those who do a lot of persistent sport should of course also make sure that they supply their body with enough energy. But this does not only apply to professionals or amateur athletes who train every free minute - no, amateur athletes also have to regularly replenish their energy stores in order not to fall into a hole or suffer a so-called hunger rush, in which the circulation to the edge of the bearable is charged. “Filling up the memory”, however, does not mean that you simply eat enough before, during or after exercise, no matter what it is. No, a targeted diet with the conscious intake of proteins and Co. is rather the right way. When you buy sports nutrition at Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you will find an immense selection of outstanding products that support you in sports.

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It's not just proteins that you desperately need when you exercise. There are tons of other nutrients that your body needs when exercising, as well as protein. These include, for example, magnesium, chromium, carbohydrates or taurine. You can briefly push products containing caffeine again while exercising. All amino acids, Kre-Alkalyn, Casein, Vitargo, Creatine, Waxy Maize or L-Arginine are also important. Just browse through our range and click on the pictures to get more detailed information about the respective product. In our offer you will find bars, powders, yoghurt, gel, nanosupps and much more. We have made sure that there is a variety of flavors so that you can find something for your individual taste.