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When you use dental floss, it depends not only on the frequency of use, but also on the perfect technique. Sure, today there are so-called interdental brushes with which you can reach the interdental spaces more easily than with conventional toothbrushes, but with dental floss you can get to places that no brush in the world could ever reach. When you buy dental floss you should still pay attention to a few important things. For example on the length of the thread used. This should not be longer than 50 centimeters, and you wrap the two ends around your two middle fingers - in such a way that you can hold a section of about three centimeters long with your thumb and forefinger. This is the crucial section.

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Because it is precisely this tightened piece of dental floss that you now guide into the interdental space, with careful movements. Now push the gum with the silk, then bend the cord so that it becomes C-shaped. Now carefully scrape away the existing topping or leftovers. Repeat this step by step for each interdental space. In our range you will find a fine selection of dental floss from well-known manufacturers. Click through the selection and read the details of the respective products. All articles have been extensively tested by research and science and meet the highest requirements for dental floss.