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As is well known, an often quoted sentence is that everyone's taste is different. Perhaps you have heard this too often, but the fact is that this quote is absolutely correct, as reality shows at every opportunity. Let's take drinks as an example. Nobody will seriously deny that water is a good thirst quencher. But shortly afterwards, opinions differ. Sparkling water or not? Maybe a shot of juice in the soda? Should the still water come from the bottle or from the tap? And can still water actually be healthy and taste like something? If you buy vitamin water from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you will definitely answer yes to the question about the aroma once you have tried our vitamin water.

Vitamin water does what it says on the tin

The flavors and varieties that you will find in our range are neither intrusive nor too sweet. They only contain natural fructose, which in turn provides the energy that you can put to good use during exercise - before, after, or during. The thirst is guaranteed to be quenched and the aroma of the vitamin water is very close to the natural taste of all varieties. Choose your - or your - favorites from pineapple / mango, reload, orange / dragon fruit, mirabelle / rhubarb, refresh, grapefruit / cranberry, pear / lime or many other flavors. All drinks are ideal for sport and everyday life. If you would like to find out more details about the individual drinks, simply click on the corresponding picture.