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Buy children's tea at Kanela

For many children, children's tea is a luxury food and drink that they love as a matter of course from toddler age. Other children, on the other hand, prefer hot milk or cocoa; they do not find proper access to tea. As a parent, however, you might want to wean your daughter or son a little from milk drinks, after all, milk is not a drink - and tea is simply a good alternative. But what should you do if the changeover is difficult? Try it out with children's tea from our range. When you buy children's tea at Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, introduce your little ones to drinking tea with extremely delicious varieties.

Children's tea impresses with its packaging

One reason that the kids should be interested in the types of tea from our range is the great packaging from the manufacturers (such as Sidroga and Holle). These are printed with funny animals and friendly faces - it's sometimes an icebreaker for children. If you are interested in the fun motifs, interest in the content often comes automatically. And the printed motifs are really cute. You can order the children's tea in many different varieties. You will find various fruit teas here as well as good night teas, herbal teas, teas for a grumbling tummy and of course a variety that was developed for babies. With our teas, many children will quickly become enthusiastic about this drink. You can find out details about the children's tea varieties by clicking on the corresponding picture.