wasp traps & repellants

Products that evict bees and wasps, buy from Kanela

We all know how important insects are. In nature, they often balance the balance when it comes to balancing the relationship between beneficials and pests. But when it comes to your own property, i.e. garden, house or apartment, there must be a limit. Because even useful animals such as bees can really get on our nerves, not to mention the stings. Fortunately, this is rarely the case with bees and these animals are actually not particularly aggressive towards us. It looks different with the wasps. When you buy products from Kanela that sell bees and wasps, you are keeping the pests away.

Fight off bees and wasps with the right means

With the means in our range, you ensure that you do not get a visit from aggressive insects. One thing is important: none of the agents attract bees. These animals are already endangered anyway and do not appear aggressive. This distinguishes them from other intruders, such as wasps, hornets, brakes and similar pests.

The wasp and fly traps work very efficiently. However, if you have discovered a wasp nest or even a hornet nest, you can use the spray from our range to do so from a safe distance - four meters are recommended. Be careful, however, and if necessary, get professional reinforcements in the fight against the torturers with a exterminator.