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A cold with a good runny nose is an unpleasant affair every time. The nose runs incessantly, one then speaks of a runny nose, often the paranasal sinuses are inflamed or the middle ear is affected. The sinuses must be clear so that the secretions from the inflammation can drain, and the constantly dripping nose for swelling of the nasal mucosa. Fortunately, there is a remedy in the form of a nasal spray. With the nasal sprays from our range you will get a noticeable relief of symptoms - quickly and reliably. You can use the nasal spray as and when you need it by giving one puff per nostril. If you buy nasal spray from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you can also prevent the dry, swollen nasal mucous membrane.

Relieve symptoms and prevent colds with nasal spray

Because you can use the nasal spray not only in acute need, but also preventively. If you have an appointment with a doctor, for example, you can use the spray before entering the practice, which makes it difficult for pathogens to adhere to the nasal mucous membrane. This prevents infection well. And if it is already too late and a cold is causing you problems, you can efficiently contain the further spread of the virus and its multiplication by using a nasal spray, because this reduces the viral load. Some of the nasal sprays that you can buy in our online shop are also suitable for children. You can get more information about the individual articles by simply clicking on the corresponding picture.