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Order mouthwash from Kanela

Brushing teeth several times a day - that goes without saying. And yet there are many studies that have found that brushing teeth alone is not enough to ensure adequate oral hygiene. This is due to the fact that the bacteria that we ingest through food and drink are distributed over the entire mouth, including the gums, the palate and the tongue. And of course they can also cause damage there. The problem: Neither the toothbrush nor dental floss help to remove the bacteria in these areas. The solution is - mouthwashes! If you are going to order a mouthwash from Kanela, then you have the choice from a rich and qualitatively excellent range.

Buy mouthwash for fresh breath and against bacteria

The products come from well-known manufacturers such as CB12, Meridol, Listerine and help fight bacteria in the entire mouth area. Bacteria that elude regular brushing of the teeth are effectively combated by mouth rinsing after brushing their teeth. And the fresher breath means another pleasant side effect. In our range you will find mouthwashes in a milder and sharper form, douches for whiter teeth and also for children - with a berry flavor. If you use the mouthwash twice a day, you will make rapid progress in keeping your gums and teeth healthy. Especially in those places where the toothbrush usually does not come. You have to find out for yourself which variety or brand you like best. Incidentally, mouthwashes do not replace conventional tooth brushing.