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Fight colds and flu with Kanela products

An illness is on the march, you don't really feel well and are “brooding” something? Whenever we get sick, there is never the right time. At the weekend we waste our free time with relaxation, during the week colds and flu are also annoying because so much work is left behind. We also wanted to go bowling with a couple of friends on Tuesday for our best friend's birthday and on Thursday. Well, with the products from the "Cold and Flu" category here in the shop, you won't get healthy overnight through miracle healing. But the articles will help you effectively combat the worst symptoms and feel better afterward. Browse through our subcategories nose, throat and throat as well as fever meter and stock up - the next cold is sure to come.

Colds and flu are always annoying

The common cold and flu tell us we are vulnerable and we get angry about it. But sometimes the body or the immune system just takes the breaks it needs. Fight the dripping nose with a nasal douche, nasal spray, nasal ointment, nose drops, nose oil or nose cleanser from our shop - and you'll feel much better. Pastilles and cough sprays, which you can find at Kanela, are effective against sore throat and throat pain. And if you have a fever, you can order digital thermometers for the whole family, including babies and toddlers, from the Fever Meter department. In the event of illness, don't leave it to yourself, let yourself be helped - with the tried and tested products from Kanela.