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Order pasta from Kanela

If you looked at the products carefully before reading this text, we have to admit it quickly: Yes, you are right. Gnocchi are not pasta. The name already tells - Gnocchi di patate. Patate is Italian and means potato. Strictly speaking, we shouldn't have performed Gnocchi here, but we chose it anyway. And why? It is easy. Because almost all sauces that go with pasta or pasta are also suitable in connection with gnocchi! Although that would be blasphemy in Italy. Not every sauce is permitted there for every type of pasta. When you order pasta from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you already have a nice selection of pasta and gnocchi.

Buy pasta and conjure up great dishes

Our pasta and gnocchi are all gluten-free and therefore very well tolerated. Which sauce you cook with which pasta is of course up to you. On the packages from Schär and Semper you will find nice serving suggestions on how to prepare the pasta perfectly. As an accomplished cook or passionate cook, you will certainly have plenty of ideas on how to spoil family and friends with great dishes from our pasta range. Maccheroni, lasagna, macaroni, penne, pipe, spaghetti, capelli or fusilli - which kind of pasta do you want? And if we are talking about Italian cuisine, then one must not be missing: the pizza. Of course, we also have pizza bases for you to fill in our assortment.