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A massage serves the purpose of finding relaxation and relieving pain, if you have exaggerated it a little while exercising or if you are simply a little tense due to emotional or physical causes. And apart from expert hands, you can definitely use a few gings for a good massage - for example a fascia roller, an acupressure mat, a Spiky Body Roll, a Spiky Ball or a Double Ball for myofascia. All of these things mean that you can really get involved and enjoy all facets of a perfect massage. When you buy massage products from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you shouldn't forget to order massage oil. Because massage oil not only has a fragrant and relaxing scent, but also vitamins, nutrients and moisture for your skin.

Buy massage products and really relax

To find the right oil for you, simply click on the respective picture and read through the details of the corresponding massage oil. Whether sports oil, lemon balm, mistletoe with orange blossom, with lavender incense or with Swiss stone pine, whether almond with wheat germ plus avocado and coconut oil, whether pure lemon balm, pure lavender, warming or odorless oil: your favorite is definitely included in our range. Research has found that good fragrances play a decisive role in our well-being. With a massage oil from our range, you supply your skin with vitamins and nutrients at the same time during the massage - and it doesn't dry out. Our massage oils contain high-quality herbal ingredients, extracts and essential oils for an all-round successful and fragrant massage.