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Colloquially it means: I have hemorrhoids. This is not medically correct, of course, since we all have hemorrhoids in us - the complaints that are meant by the colloquial expression mostly stem from the enlargement of these small erectile tissue. If this is the case, itching often occurs, and there may be minor, bright red bleeding, wetting, a feeling of pressure or a burning sensation in the area of ​​the anus. The actual function of the hemorrhoids is that these well-perfused cavernous bodies form a kind of cushioning in the anal canal and help to keep the sphincter muscle healthy. However, the enlargements mentioned can easily occur. In this case, you should order products against hemorrhoids, right here in our online pharmacy!

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Hemorrhoidal ailments, as they are correctly called in technical jargon, can arise from several causes. If you regularly have to press hard during bowel movements, pressure is created in the anal area, which has a negative effect. Constipation and obesity can also cause hemorrhoids to enlarge. A pregnancy or harmful connective tissue are also often responsible - and last but not least a wrong Diet without fiber and inadequate supply of fluids.

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