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Those who are freshly indulging in the joys of parents are happy about the rapid progress a baby makes at the beginning. When breastfeeding works, a lot is gained. Friends and relatives come to visit to meet the new earth inhabitant and they all bring useful things with them - rompers, diapers, baby cream and the like. This is a great relief for parents at the beginning because they don't have to take care of everything themselves. But at some point you will also notice that something is possibly missing. Maybe utensils to bathe the baby or wash the hair? That too will quickly become necessary. You can buy baby shampoo from Kanela - your Swiss online pharmacy.

Order baby shampoo for all-round protection

Of course, our Swiss water is extremely clean and pure. But bathing and washing your baby's hair should still be done with specially developed products. The word “do it” sounds like work - but with the right items, baby clothes are always a pleasure for young and old. And when your little darling can cuddle with you, rubbed dry and smelling, then that's the best feeling in the world. Of course, in our online pharmacy you will also find care products for babies that are important after the bath - for example baby lotion and baby cream. In the baby shampoo range you can buy different items: pure shampoo, combinations of washing lotion and shampoo or bath foam and shampoo or washing gel or washing lotion. You will also find an extra mild shampoo. Of course, you can also experiment a little which baby shampoo you and your baby like the most.