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The term Bad Hair Day has become a synonym in the German-speaking world for the lack of time to wash your hair properly (i.e. wet) and then to style it properly. There are days, as you probably know, when an appointment slips in and puts us in real stress. There is simply no time for real hair washing. This is exactly what the dry shampoo was invented for. With a dry shampoo from our range, the hair looks freshly washed and it is also degreased. If you have fine hair, a dry shampoo will even give you more volume. The styling is definitely better. If you buy dry shampoos from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, your hair will not only benefit from the nourishing effects but also when it comes to appearance.

Dry shampoos against a bad hair day

A bad hair day is a thing of the past with dry shampoo. You can use dry shampoos anytime and anywhere, for example on vacation, at outdoor festivals or simply when things have to be done quickly and you don't have the time for wet washing. You can also skilfully delay getting up in the morning if you spray the dry shampoo into your hair in the evening. This prevents hair from being barely greasy overnight. You can also distribute the dry shampoo quickly into your main hair the morning after you get up, this also gives the hair freshness and a good appearance. You can read details about the dry shampoos from our range by simply clicking on the corresponding product image.