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Order shaving foam from Kanela 

It's no secret: even the best razor is of no use to you without shaving foam or shaving gel. The shave will certainly work even if you only use water, but to make the wet shave as smooth as possible, you definitely need shaving gel or shaving foam. Regardless of whether you want to shave the genital area, the armpits or the legs as a woman or whether you want to remove the beard as a man. Because the products give the skin moisture, this immediately softens the hair and is much easier to remove. So shaving foam and shaving gel contribute to a considerably gentler wet shave. If you order shaving cream from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you will quickly notice the difference.

Buy shaving cream and avoid skin irritation

Use a shaving brush, also available in our range, to distribute the foam or gel thoroughly wherever you want to shave. This creates a kind of protective film between the razor blade and the skin. This is another factor in a close and gentle shave because it avoids direct contact between the sharp blade and the skin. This considerably reduces the risk of skin irritation, and the risk of reddening of the skin or even cuts is significantly reduced. In addition, our products impress with a wonderful fragrance. Tip: leave the shaving cream or gel on for a minute after application before you start shaving. This promotes the wonderful smell and provides the beard hair and skin with sufficient fluid. After shaving, your skin also needs care in the form of moisture. You can find great products for this in the After Shave section.