anti-snoring remedies

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It is certainly one of the noises that no one likes to hear - especially not when you are awake at night: snoring. There are many different types, but basically the nighttime noise always has the same cause. During sleep, our muscles in the pharynx become slack, which means that on the one hand the pharynx and on the other hand the soft palate begin to flutter. And literally every breath. This is how the unpleasant noises come about during sleep and often rob our bed-mates' minds. And the sounds are even amplified from time to time. A severe cold can be the cause here, too much alcohol, some medications such as sleeping pills or antihistamines (for treatment against allergies) or, quite profanely, the supine position of the snorer. But before you start sewing a tennis ball on the back of your pajamas so that you don't turn on your back at night, try one of our scientifically tested products from our online pharmacy.

Snoring does not have to be - various remedies

An efficient product to prevent snoring is the so-called snoring device, which you use before going to bed. The air supply is of course not reduced. Anti-snoring papers can also be a good solution, the effect usually lasts all night. Or try a spray. In order not to let the jerky noises arise in the first place, use a spray for the throat or for the nose. Just find out what works best for you!