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When a cold approaches, it is not infrequently announced with hoarseness and sore throat, which then turn into coughs and runny nose. For many contemporaries, difficulty swallowing is the most unpleasant side effect that such a disease brings with it. Tea with honey is then always a good option to be able to drink something halfway symptom-free (the tea must not be hot, however, this only makes the inconvenience worse); In our range you will find a large selection of wonderful teas. However, you can really relieve the symptoms with a throat spray, as you can find in our range - from various manufacturers. When you buy throat spray from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you are fighting the symptoms of swallowing problems efficiently and in a clever way.

Throat spray for colds or dry throat

A throat spray works as follows: You simply spray it directly into the throat or pharynx, where most viruses are. This is precisely where the mucous membrane is most affected, it is irritated and reacts violently. Then it is difficult to swallow and the sore throat quickly dominates the entire body feeling - but with a throat spray from our range it doesn't have to be. Immediately after use, the spray forms an effective protective film that covers the affected mucous membrane in the throat and throat and quickly alleviates the symptoms. Throat sprays are also helpful for coughing or irritating coughs. You can read details about the individual preparations by simply clicking on the corresponding picture.