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While other pests like to eat exclusively or claim new living space for themselves, the moth fights on a third front: it nests in wardrobes and eats holes in sweaters, pants, jackets and shirts. Of course, socks and underwear are not spared by the voracious insects. If you also want to change clothes at the change of seasons, you sometimes experience an unsavory surprise: unsightly holes in your skirt or boxer shorts! This can also happen if you have properly washed and sorted the items of clothing before storing them. If you buy items against moths at Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, then you can efficiently keep away or get rid of moths if the pests have already taken root.

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Like any other animal, the moth is always on the lookout for a new, safe habitat that offers protection and ensures that the offspring can be cared for. But as soon as this search is aimed at your own four walls, the fun is of course over: the tormentors have to go at all costs. With the products from our range, you can take effective and quick action against food moths and clothes moths. Whether moth trap, moth paper, hangers with a lavender scent (they don't like moths at all) or spray - with our articles you can get rid of the winged animals just as quickly as they haunted you. Don't underestimate moths: once these insects have nested, you'll need to take radical measures before they can reproduce.