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Buy glass and window cleaners from Kanela

Do you know that feeling too? The apartment is spick and span, it smells perfect of the best hygiene everywhere, and yet something bothers you. Often you don't notice it, only towards evening when the sun is a little lower and shines through the window, so only then does it become apparent that the windows should also be cleaned again. Most of us don't do this work every weekend, the effort is simply too great. But when the time comes, you can rely on the glass and window cleaners that we have in our range for you with a clear conscience. The selection is large and includes not only the cleaners themselves, but also wipers. When you buy glass and window cleaners from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you will find everything you need for clean glass.

Glass and window cleaner for the best view

Marks and streaks on the windows or glass doors are annoying. And there are a lot of cleaning agents that leave streaks on the glass when they are used - that makes for a bad mood. Not so with the glass and window cleaners that you will find in our range. These are products of the highest quality, with which you can get windows, mirrors, glass doors and Co. clean in no time at all, and without causing streaks. So that you always have the best perspective. You can find out more information about the individual items from our range by simply clicking on the relevant product.