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Buy pest products from Kanela

When people say “pests”, most people think of their own garden or house immediately. Ants, flies, silverfish, wasps, moths, fruit flies, moths, mites, mosquitoes, then the mammals such as martens, rats and mice, molluscs like snails, but also creatures like mushrooms - all these are creatures to whom you never have the right to live would deny. And yet they are intruders when it comes to your own apartment, garden or bed (in the case of clothes moths, you can also count the wardrobe). When you buy pest control products from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you get efficient pesticides that are safe for both children and adults.

Order items against pests and enjoy your home and garden relaxed again

Once vermin have nestled in your own four walls or in the garden, you can often not get rid of them so quickly. If the plague seems uncontrollable, you should better call a exterminator - otherwise you can confidently trust the effective products from our range. Regardless of whether you only have a few harmless mosquitoes in the nursery or bedroom (which can be bad enough), whether snails are eating the home-grown lettuce or whether you are dealing with unpleasant rodents in the house and yard: You will find it here suitable remedies for the torturers. With many species, especially insects and rodents, not only is the general hygiene in the family at risk, but also the food supply.