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Healthy juices - how you can provide valuable nutrition support

When we speak of juice, we mean in most cases conventional juices such as apple, grape, cherry or rhubarb juice. In any case, these are the fruit juices that are most often drunk in Switzerland. As the Swiss Fruit Association reports, every Swiss person drinks about ten liters of apple juice or apple spritzer a year. Fruit juices are extremely valuable if, for example, you have exercised intensively; these drinks quickly return the lost amount of electrolytes and water to the body. However, some juices contain not only natural ingredients, but also sugar. And that is not the first choice for the healthy diet that we recommend to you at Kanela - on the contrary.

Order juices from Kanela and do something for your health

Order the Vital Plus from Biotta with us based on organic -Cranberries and hemp flower tea from the region, an excellent pleasure with many great ingredients. The wellness week by Biotta is also very valuable, in which you can enjoy a different healthy and extremely tasty every day Drink juice (a total of eleven juices). You will receive a pack of organic herbal tea and a packet of organic linseed. For more balance, you will find the balance week by Biotta , also eleven juices are supplemented by a harmonious organic -Herbal tea. Ten fruits plus organic whey result in the tasty and healthy bio vital immune juice , wherever combine the best organic products into a fruity delight that tastes great for young and old. Whether as a thirst quencher during the day or as a great start for the day on the breakfast table.