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Gray hair divides humanity in two. Those who are affected see their silvery hair almost always only the gnawing ravages of time, the ever increasing age. Those who do not (yet) find gray hair in their hair always tell the heather gray that gray hair makes you attractive. There are gray-haired people who do everything to hide the color - completely legitimate. But there are also people who deal with the gray coloring confidently and buy shampoos for gray hair in order to bring out the natural color properly and to get full and shiny hair. When you buy shampoos for gray hair from Kanela, your Swiss online pharmacy, you give your hair a wonderful silver shine.

Shampoos for gray hair bring a nice shine

Artificial dyes are of course not contained in the shampoos for gray hair buy. Rather, the silver sheen is created because the shampoos either contain purple pigments or act on the surface of the hair. The application is the same for every shampoo: Massage it into damp hair, leave it on for a while and then rinse off the foam thoroughly. You should avoid contact with the eyes with the products or rinse the shampoo thoroughly if you accidentally come into contact with the eyes. The way the shampoos in our range work is different in terms of their silver sheen. Compare the products before buying by reading the accompanying text (by clicking on the respective picture).