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Order blood pressure monitors from Kanela

High blood pressure is a common condition that should not be taken lightly. Those who regularly monitor their blood pressure prevent strokes and heart disease or infarction - and thanks to mobile and affordable measuring devices, regular monitoring is no longer a problem these days. The devices can not only diagnose high blood pressure, but also monitor it permanently. When you order blood pressure monitors from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you are well served with both Omron products. Because you can attach it to any position on the upper arm and you will always get a reliable result. Inflating does not create an uncomfortable feeling, as you may be familiar with from conventional blood pressure monitors, and if the blood pressure is too high or the heart rate is irregular, the devices will report

Buy blood pressure monitors and be on the safe side

With the purchase of a blood pressure monitor you are on the safe side in any case, if you are at risk here. The Omron M3 and the Omron M6 AC are very popular in Switzerland. But not only blood pressure can be measured anywhere and anytime. If you have blood sugar problems, the FreeStyle Libre meter is for you. You can use flash to measure the glucose level in your blood - without having to prick yourself. In addition, with each scan, the device provides you with the data for the past eight hours and indicates how the glucose value has changed and how it will probably change. The modern sensor even manages to determine your blood sugar level through clothing.