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Sometimes when we come in from outside, we find that there is bad air in the apartment or in a certain room. Ventilation is then helpful. But when it is really cold, ventilating does not necessarily help. When you order room scents from Kanela, your Swiss online drugstore, you are not only fighting bad smells or stale air in your four walls. No, the selection is made in such a way that you are sure to find your own personal fragrance. A fragrance that you simply like to breathe in - perhaps because it evokes beautiful memories or because it only makes the room what it is. Because special aromas definitely contribute to giving rooms their very own aura, their own atmosphere.

Order room fragrances from Kanela and get a nice feeling

Fragrances also subconsciously do something to us. When we feel completely comfortable and happy, that's a nice thing - but where does it come from? Pleasant smells often trigger this comfort. On the other hand, you may not always be in the mood to enjoy the scent of lavender or rose in the living room, sometimes it can be something cooler like lemon or something wintery like blood orange! If you also like to vary with room fragrances, then you are exactly right in our assortment. Here you will not only find highly different aromas for every occasion, every season and every mood - you can also choose the way in which the fragrance is to be emitted. You can choose from candles, essential oils, pine pillows, aroma lamps, sprays, aroma nebulizers, diffusers, scented wood, room fans and room scent sticks.